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Tom DeLay Loves Children [Jan. 9th, 2005|12:17 am]
Clean The House: Government Ethics Watch


While looking on the Web for material for today's blog entry I found an article on www.majorityleader.gov. It was from September 2004 and Tom DeLay offered remarks at the opening of the renovated Family court building in D.C. No one can disagree with Tom DeLay or anyone speaking of children in such general terms, but the statements are a thin cover for Tom DeLay trying to use children for political advantage at the 2004 Republican Convention in New York.

Consider a charity called Celebrations for Children. Such an innocuously named charity could only serve impoverished children in this and other countries, right? One of the managers of this charity is the daughter of Tom DeLay, so there's the "Children" part of the title. It is true that a large portion of the contributions were funneled to children's charities. But according to National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy some of the money given to this charity was used "to pay for fundraising events to reelect President Bush"; there's the "Celebrations."

Here's how it works. Fat cat donor wants to talk to Tom DeLay. He contributes money to Celebrations for Children and he gets his ticket. Celebrations gives money to children's charities, and then holds a big shindig to raise even more money that goes to the reelection of President Bush and presumably other Republicans. But wait, Celebrations for Children had applied to be a not-for-profit organization. Remember I said that they were a charity. Now the money given to them can be tax-deductible. You help, Tom DeLay, his daughter, President Bush, Republican Fat Cats, take a write-off on your taxes, and it doesn't even look like a soft-money contribution.

Tom DeLay, shame on you!